The port of Miami is the biggest cruises port around the world, it receives more cruise ships than any other port. Yearly, it produces USD 17 billion and employs almost 200 thousand people indirectly. Puerto de Manzanillo is the name of the port, it’s located over the Biscayne Bay, on Miami, Florida. It is estimated that around 5 million passengers use the port every year. 

To this date, the port is still expanding, trying to get even bigger, and looking to receive more ships every day, especially during this summer season, when more tourists look for Miami as a tourism destination, as well as the Caribbean Islands (Almost every cruise through the Caribbean goes to Miami). The port, alongside the Miami Dade County, are continuously investing, and innovating to keep the ships coming, and improving the tourists experience on the city of Miami, to keep the city’ status as a leader in this market. 

The most popular cruises arriving at the Port of Miami 

As said before, the Port of Miami is one of the busiest cruise ports, and we’ll talk to you about the most popular cruises that constantly arrive at the port. 

Carnival Cruise Line

The Cruise Line Carnival is one strong user of the port with its 6 ships that frequently cover routes from the Bahamas and The Caribbean to Miami and vice versa. This line is pretty famous for its destinations, and attractions on the ships, and see the Miami Port as a hub for all of their routes on the region. 

The most popular cruises are:
  • Carnival Breeze
  • Carnival Victory
  • Carnival Conquest 
  • Carnival Ecstasy 
  • Carnival Liberty
  • Carnival Glory 
These ships usually have itineraries of 3 to 7 nights. 

Cruise line

This cruise line has a new ship that is attracting a lot of attention from tourists; the Norwegian Getaway. It has a 7-night itinerary through the Western Caribbean and stops by the Miami Port on every route. By the other hand, the Norwegian Sky has a permanent route to the Bahamas for 3 or 4 nights, departing from Miami. 

In some seasons (mainly in summer) these 2 ships are joined by the Norwegian Sun, Norwegian Pearl, and the Norwegian Star, to make the Cruise Line one of the top lines going through the Miami Port. 

Royal Caribbean International 

Royal Caribbean International is maybe the greatest cruise line, for its routes, its fame, and its service quality. Their headquarter and hub is located in the Port of Miami, where their firsts routes started. The Majesty of the Seas is the main ship on the Caribbean Routes, departing from Miami, and going to several islands before returning from the Bahamas. 

MSC cruises 

This line has one ship departing from Miami, alternating between the Eastern and Western Caribbean on its route. 

Disney Cruises

During a period of time, the Disney Cruises depart from Miami, shifting with Disney Wonder on different routes around the Southern Coast of USA, and the Caribbean.